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Coors Field, Denver Colorado
corn field with blue sky
San Francisco home bulldozer
My go flight iPad case
Highway construction santa fe 25
golden gate bridge san Francisco
Amish clothes line landscape
old farm equipment
cruise ship people toy pan tilt
red bicycles denver colorado public
Pawnee Grasslands Colorado
church interior black white
Dogs in cars
zombie crawl
Keys on lamp garden shed
vintage coin operated game
Disneyland, Los Angeles monorail
Disneyland New Orleans Square
Denver museum Colorado
Superman lunch box boxes
bulldog in car truck
high school lockers locks
kid on frozen lake
Ride snowboard boots
cafe du monde new orleans
church pews stained glass window
1200 technics ortofon needle record
Cherry Creek State Park trash
tennis court cross processed
Md Donalds sign repair
interior stair case
vintage neon sign
Denver Art Museum
Cruise Ships
Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco
interior photography campbell soup
Adult slip and slide
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Flamingo Denver Zoo, Colorado
Solar panel installation
Tivoli brewing Denver Colorado
Peter Murphy Bauhaus
Lakeside Amusement Park, Lakewood
Wolf range
halfway house resident man
Water tower
two dogs in alley
Red Rocks lake Denver Colorado
black and white landscape

A resting place for images taken that usually don't involve people. I don't go looking for landscaps and product shots, but occasionally find myself in front of certain things with a camera. So I take the photo. They live here. Enjoy.

Bits & Bobs

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