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three black babies
tween making lunch girl
secondary students walking
seven year old portrait
mom and baby crib reading
four kids smiling in grass
family portraits denver colorado
child photography portrait girl
three brothers friends church
two kids smiling at school
7 year old playing on playground
teen in hoody covering face
water slide yellow boy
kids playing in water with stick
brothers leaning portrait
girl in stove play ground
teen smile girl female portrait
teacher mom with student son
black baby crying
teens running black white
two boys brick wall
two tweens in pool floating
two girls row boat
girl teen hair flip
two girls lockers school
lego land legoland boy red
girl smiling portrait
black child picking nose
tween shooting bb gun boy
little girl smiling portrait
girl female eating corn
two kids sledding winter snow
girl chalk board green smile
tween portrait girl female pretty
tween girl female on swing
boy art painting wall artist photo
Mom daughter portrait
girl in shower col screen
brothers portrait black white

I love photographing children. Mostly because my own won't pose for me. It's always a pleasure to find an angle, an emotion, something unique to each individual or family. I shoot in Denver, the metro area and beyond. 

Kids & Families

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